STEM Experience
Holiday Camp


Do you have an elementary, middle or high school student who is interested in science, technology, engineering or math?

Spice up their summer with full and half-day camps at the STEM Summer Experience. Due to the overwhelming response from our camps, we have expanded our offerings this year.

Crime Scene Investigator
STEM Experience - Crime Scene Investigator
June 20-23 (FULL)
July 18-21 (FULL)
Designers & Printers Camp
STEM Experience - Designers and Printers Camp
June 20-22 (FULL)
Make Your First Video Game
STEM Experience - Make Your First VideoGame
June 20-23 (FULL)
App Adventures
STEM Experience - App Adventures
June 27-30 (FULL)
Brick Mania
STEM Experience - Brick Mania
June 27-30 (FULL)
Design Build Power Up
STEM Experience - Design Build Power Up
Creative Fusion
STEM Experience - CreativeFusion
July 11-13 (FULL)
No Boys Allowed! All Girls Maker Camp
STEM Experience - No Boys Allowed! All Girls Maker Camp
July 11-14 (FULL)
Computer Crimes
STEM Experience - Computer Crimes
July 11-14 (FULL)
Program It!
STEM Experience - Program It
July 18-21 (FULL)
GameTech Animators
STEM Experience - GameTech Animators
July 18-21 (FULL)
Build Your Own 3D Printer
STEM Experience - Build Your Own 3D Printer
July 18-21 (FULL)
July 25-28 (FULL)
Baking Camp
STEM Experience - Baking Camp
July 18-22 (FULL) or
July 25-29 (FULL)
Culinary Camp
STEM Experience - Culinary Camp
July 18-22 (FULL) or
July 25-29 (FULL)
Code Breakers
STEM Experience - Code Breakers
July 25-28 (FULL)
Innocent Until Proven Guilty
STEM Experience - Innocent Until Proven Guilty
July 25-28 (FULL)
GameTech Modders
STEM Experience - GameTech Modders
August 1-4 (FULL)