STEM Experience


Do you have an elementary, middle or high school student who is interested in science, technology, engineering or math?

Spice up their summer with full and half-day camps at the STEM Summer Experience. Due to the overwhelming response from our camps, we have expanded our offerings this year.

Crime Scene Investigator
STEM Experience - Crime Scene Investigator
June 20-23
July 18-21
Designers & Printers Camp
STEM Experience - Designers and Printers Camp
June 20-22
Make Your First Video Game
STEM Experience - Make Your First VideoGame
June 20-23
App Adventures
STEM Experience - App Adventures
June 27-30
Brick Mania
STEM Experience - Brick Mania
June 27-30
Design Build Power Up
STEM Experience - Design Build Power Up
Creative Fusion
STEM Experience - CreativeFusion
July 11-13
No Boys Allowed! All Girls Maker Camp
STEM Experience - No Boys Allowed! All Girls Maker Camp
July 11-14
Computer Crimes
STEM Experience - Computer Crimes
July 11-14
Program It!
STEM Experience - Program It
July 18-21
GameTech Animators
STEM Experience - GameTech Animators
July 18-21
Build Your Own 3D Printer
STEM Experience - Build Your Own 3D Printer
July 18-21 or
July 25-28
Baking Camp
STEM Experience - Baking Camp
July 18-22 or
July 25-29
Culinary Camp
STEM Experience - Culinary Camp
July 18-22 or
July 25-29
Code Breakers
STEM Experience - Code Breakers
July 25-28
Innocent Until Proven Guilty
STEM Experience - Innocent Until Proven Guilty
July 25-28
GameTech Modders
STEM Experience - GameTech Modders
August 1-4